Cher recalls How Her ‘Wig Flew-Off’ On-Stage When Aretha Came to See Her Show!

Source: Joe Ortuzar/Ian Smith

Aretha Franklin is passed over to the other side and her long-time colleagues and friends are remembering her with their fondest memories shared with the diva.

Cher, who herself has been a part of the industry for nearly 6 decades, recently spoke with OUT magazine and revealed how she once had a super-embarrassing moment when Aretha came to one of her shows in Detroit.

The ‘Believe’ singer told the publication:

“I had something so terrible happen to me, and it was worse because it was her, I think it would have been horrible if it were anybody else, but it was catastrophic because it was her. I was in Detroit, and she actually came to see my show.”

Cher further recalled:

“I didn’t know it then, thank God, but my wig fell off. And one of my dancers dipped me, and my wig fell right on the floor, and then later I was told that she was in the audience, and I was banging my head against the wall going, ‘Oh my God, how could she have seen me do that? This is the most embarrassing moment of my life.'”

Can you even picture the hilarity of the whole scene?

Cher’s wig flying-off on stage and Aretha Franklin sitting right there in the audience. Wonder what was the Queen of Soul’s immediate reaction..

What do you think?