Poll: Vote For The Greatest Musical DIVA Of All Time

Source: PH2 Mark Kettenhofen/Library of Congress/Cecilio Ricardo, U.S. Air Force/Helge Øverås

Diva – a female performer who exemplifies the epitome of class, elegance, prowess and talent.

What is the first name that comes to your head when you hear or read the word – ‘Diva’?

Although, with each passing generation the definition of the word may have changed, being used in more than one context – there are some “basics”, mostly revolving around the presence of an unparalleled talent and a distinct personality, which still hold true for the true usage of the word.

For us – a Diva would be someone who’s the best in her area – possessing just as much of class, elegance, presence, personality and humility as her extreme level of talent. Someone who has/had grace and an undeniable wit and charm, but could still either raise the roof or raise the hair on your hands with her performance.

Going by that definition – if you had to pick ONE, among the contemporary female performers of all time – who would be the greatest diva of them all?

Time to cast your vote again on Soundpasta’s latest poll.

Who's The Greatest 'Diva' Of All Time?