This Stunning Mash-Up Of Gaga’s ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ and Whitney ‘I Will Always Love You’ Will Give You Chills!

2018 is certainly turning out to be one monumental turning point in Lady Gaga’s career.

The Grammy winning singer has transitioned herself into a leading motion picture actress, with her box-office smash musical debut with ‘A Star Is Born’ and it’s accompanying chart-topping soundtrack.

The set opened at the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 album after Gaga unveiled a number of tracks from the same, and considering it’s success and overwhelming critical reception, it was only inevitable for fan-made tributes and remixes to pour-in.

One such mash-up going viral on YouTube has attempted to put together Gaga’s vocal showdown from the movie’s climax – ‘I’ll Never Love Again’, with late songstress, Whitney Houston’s signature classic, ‘I Will Always Love You’ from her own iconic debut movie role in ‘The Bodyguard’ – and the result is as jaw-dropping as you’d imagine.

The mash-up is pretty interesting considering Gaga’s fans were already hailing ‘INLA’ as the singer’s very own ‘IWALY’, but the mashup – which also features vocals from Mariah Carey’s live performance of ‘Without You’ from Madison Square Garden, highlights the most beautiful points of all three songs in the most theatrical manner, creating perhaps the best vocal collaboration of the year.

Tears, goosebumps and chills, this one would make you feel it all.

Watch below:


Pretty phenomenal, isn’t it?

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