This New Teaser From ‘Captain Marvel’ Will Intrigue You to Witness the Rise Of A New Hero!

‘Some are built. Some are made. Some are born’ – proclaims a new teaser of the hotly anticipated ‘Captain Marvel’, with references to the rise and creation of characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

Marvel Universe’s latest edition will serve as an introduction to a character, often termed as the most powerful addition in its group of superheroes, before it gets featured in the upcoming Avengers sequel to take on ‘Thanos.’

‘Discover what makes her a hero’ – the line in the teaser reads, as Brie Larson – who has stepped in the shoes of the titular character is showcased as a former US fighter pilot, who leads herself to become one of the most powerful entities in the world-saving squad of Marvel.

Check out the new TV spot:


The Oscar winning actress had to go through a stringent training regime to prepare for the role of Marvel Universe’s very own Superman (read woman), who is eventually expected to save the world from destruction in the forthcoming sequel of Avengers.

Here’s the full trailer:


The introductory chapter of Captain Marvel is set for a release on March 8th.