Woman Kicked-Off Flight After Delivering a ‘Twerk Show’ To Co-Passengers!

A woman aboard a Spirit Airlines flight got so worked-up when prompted to switch off her mobile, that she retaliated by not only quarreling with the cabin crew but also twerking her naked behind to the co-passengers.

The agitated female, who was also apparently in an inebriated state, shouted several expletives to the crew members – which is when fellow passengers took out their cellphones and started filming her.

“Record all you f—ing want!” – she can be heard exclaiming in the viral video of the scene.

It wasn’t long before she ventured into the center aisle of the plane, bending, twerking and exposing herself to everyone.

She also charges towards some of the people who pass comments on her unruly behavior, before she gets escorted off the plane by officials, ending the whole scene with people ‘cheering’ and asking her to ‘leave.’

Check out the viral footage yourself: