10 IndiPop songs that are going to bring a feeling of nostalgia to all 90's kids.

If you were raised on 90's music you would recognize the presence of the Indipop genre that blossomed and bloomed in that decade. It is sad that genre died in the 2000's, but let us just admit, it sucks to not have it anymore. In a music industry that is eaten-up by "Bollywood" music and soundtrack albums, indipop allowed artists to show their individual styles and gave listeners the kind of variety in music, they never had before, or since.
So here's your dose of nostalgia for today. 10 tracks that would take you back to the glory days of IndiPop. Enjoy the ride:

1) Ho Gayi Hai Mohababbat
Young Nakul Kapoor who featured along with Shibani Kashyap in this cute-sy music video swept all the girls off their feets (and some boys too). Released in 1998, another version of the song sung by Shibani Kashyap was released on her album of the same name

2) Dhoom Pichak Dhoom
Also released in 1998, from the debut album of Euphoria - the song that gave the band instant fame. Euphoria was founded by their lead vocalist, Palash Sen, in the 90's and had a series of hits after their debut. But it was Dhoom Pichak Dhoom that started it all for them.

3) Made In India
Alisha Chinai may not have been one of the brighest talants of the 90's, but her signature track 'Made In India', released in the year 1995, was an international hit and became a symbol of 90's Indian pop music scene. Made in India was the first Indian pop album to be sold on a scale comparable to Hindi film music albums, selling over 3 million copies worldwide. The music video featuring Milind Soman is probably one of the most iconic videos of the 90's.

4) Kahi Karta Hoga
Some might have actually forgotten about this one, but if you were REALLY into everything that was being played on television back in the day - you would remember this. Amamika ventured into the music scene with her 1996 debut album, 'Catwalk' and got fame and success with the evolving genre. She later released her second album in 1998, which featured this smash hit that used to be played on rotation on MTV and Channel V (back when these channels were actually about MUSIC)

5) Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi
You can't talk about 90's music and not mention Falguni Pathak. Almost every song or album she released for the most part of her career recieved great appreciation from listeners, Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi, released in 1998, being one of her first hits. And might we just add, that 1998 was definitely a glorious year for IndiPop

6) Deewana
Deewana was one of the biggest things to happen to the 90's IndiPop scene. The album was a massive success and brought Sonu Nigam monumental fame and a couple of movie offers. The album produced several hits that still resonate with so many people, but the title track is the definitive signature classic that echoes an era gone-by.

7) Roop Tera Mastana
The 90's also started off an era of revamped versions of old Hindi movie classics and subtle remixes (which did not remain that suble by the early 2000's). Roop Tera Mastana had a super-fun looking music video that we all loved to watch and dance to.

8) O Sanam
Lucky Ali gave us several unforgettable tunes, but it stared off with his 1996 released debut album Sunoh, which featured the timeless classic, 'O Sanam'.

9) Breathless
Did you make an attempt to sing-along to this one in one breath too? No worries. Most of us are guilty of that. The song that made Shankar Mahadevan a household name back in 1998. The album was a great success, selling over 300,000 copies and topped all major music charts in India for about 10 straight weeks.

10) Kya Soorat Hai
Bombay Vikings was formed in the year 1994 in Sweden. Kya Soorat Hai was their debut album released in the year 1999, the titile track of which sent radios in a frenzy. Based on the composition of the Hindi Movie classic 'Zaroorat Hai Ek Shrimati Ki', Bombay Viking created a niche audience for themselves among youngsters.

Some of these might sound 'dated' to most, but atleast we had a genre to rely on for a variety of music apart from Bollywood.
We want this back!!

Image Courtesy: Times Of India/Magnasound Media Pvt. Ltd

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