Childhood Nostalgia: 30 things only 90's Indian kids can relate to

We all love our dosage of nostalgia every now and then, don't we? Things have changed A LOT for kids since the 90's so some of these things might not be relevant to everyone, but 90's kids would know!

Here are 30 things summing up being an Indian kid in the 90's:

1) Going out there and playing this super-fun game - "Pitthu"

2) Eating this flip-corn snack but also decorating your fingers with them before it (and then eating them up like that only)

3) This iconic packaging of Frooti that made us thirsty just by the look of it

4) This double-stick ice-cream that we had to split in half with our siblings

5) This unprecedented shock-of-a-gum

6) This iconic game that will forever be etched in our memories

7) The trauma of having to do this before joining school again after summer-leaves

8) Having a large-collection of cassettes - the digital format really can't equal the joy of having an official record with a decorated cover in your hands

9) Getting your hands smacked till they hurt in this favorite timepass

10) This timeless comedy classic featuring characters like 'Keku Ji' and 'Dilruba' that left us in splits

11) The "soft-drinks" that came as 'frozen bars' were a cheaper and more fun substitute of the drinks

12) This irreplaceable cult animated epic saga and the legendary theme song in Hindi

13) This jerk who always laughed at us when we missed a shot

14) Waiting the entire day so we could just glue to our TV screens at 6 to watch this show

15) This handy pre-PSP video game that had us OBSESSED

16) The tempting combination of sweet and sour - that came with these candies

17) Receiving this as a birthday gift and actually being happily elevated about it

18) These candy-cigarettes that might be 'too-controversial' now

19) Teasing the passers-by and the local dogs while playing this from the hiding

20) We really didn't need any fancy toys, just 5 pieces of small stones and we were hooked for hours

21) These colorful multi-flavored candies that kept us busy and satisfied for hours

22) Staying away from the bigger crackers, being the younger one and playing with this on Diwali

23) Being 'Lattu' over expanding our collection of lattus and learning several tricks with them

24) When the first image that came to your mind during exams was this. (And it also came in different colors and patterns)

25) This strangely addictive 'toy' of a sort, which basically just involved pressing it with your thumb to create a loud 'ticking' sound.

26) This bubble gum that became such a fad among kids, and came with some free tattoos.

27) This iconic sitcom that surpasses most shows made today

28) Having a large collection of these "Kancha's" - even if you didn't know how to actually play with them

29) Having to clean these up once a week for a 'full white' dress code in school

30) And carrying these iconic bottles to school on hot summer days

Takes you back, doesn't it?

What else do you miss about the 90's..?

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