Did Kapil Sharma steal his jokes from this Comedian?

Controversy doesn't seem to leave Kapil Sharma, who recently celebrated 100 episodes of his show by a Facebook post.

In a new claim from a stand-up comedian named, Abijit Ganguly, Kapil Sharma has been accused of plagiarism for the jokes used on the 100th episode of his show. According to Ganguly, Sharma stole his joke about younger brothers of cricketers becoming great bowlers as their elder ones would ask them to bowl for them all day long.

The stand-up comedian stated that he has been using this punch line on his routine for the past three years and accused the show of stealing it.

Abijit Ganguly, posted on his Facebook account, expressing his disappointment in the matter, as he was quoted saying, “I had released a stand-up bit on YouTube and FB on ‘having an elder brother’ around two weeks back. One of the jokes in the routine is an observational joke on how from from Kapil Dev to Zaheer Khan", he further added, "all successful Indian bowlers have been co-incidentally younger brothers, leading to the punch of ‘Do you realise how weird it is that India’s bowling strength depends on the fact that elder brothers never let younger brothers ever bat.”

He then goes to talk about how he got to know about his joke being used on the show without his approval, as he goes on further to add, “Yesterday, at around 10:30 PM, I suddenly got a message from a friend on FB who said that my younger brother bowler joke had been lifted in The Kapil Sharma Show. Someone also tweeted out to me informing me of the same. I was genuinely flustered but still wanted to check before drawing any conclusions. Having checked online, I am disappointed and gutted to see that they have indeed done that.

There I saw Kiku Sharda trying to use my joke (and honestly making a mess of it) while Sidhu and others laughed out in their usual hysterical manner as every cell in my body burnt with rage.”

Watch the video of the two seperate events and see the similarities for yourself.

This is Abijit Ganguly's stand-up act on the subject:

And you can hear the same on the following video of Kapil's 100th episode below. The joke starts at 52:00 minutes into the video:

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