Has Ram Gopal Varma gone crazy or is he just way too out of work?

There was a time Ram Gopal Varma was considered one of the best filmmakers of the country, with movies like Company, Sarkar and Satya, but something went terribly wrong down the lane. May be it was the effect of creating a disaster like RGV's AAG or the series of box-office blunders and flops that followed after that, or may be he was always a potty-mouth but he just never had the platform to express it.

From producing cult movies, to being put in the same brackets as other social-media twats like KRK and Abhijit Bhattacharya, RGV seems to be doing more damage to himself than to others.

His recent commentary on Jackie Shroff's son Tiger Shroff's appearance, isn't just rude and ignorant but also very trans-phobic. The filmmaker-turned-troll has apparently been commenting on the way Shroff carries himself, asking him to "man-up" and "stop acting like a woman." Tiger, on the other hand, refrained from reverting back to him in the same manner.

But you know when his ignorance topped his personal best (or worst in this case) and his nasty mindset became evident to his followers?

It was when he went on a spree to make some unfathomable comments on the appearance of the former first lady of the United States, soon after Donald Trump was voted the president and Melanie Trump was to be the new first lady. His sexist, racist remarks, were demeaning on so many levels as he objectified the two ladies.

Clearly this man has some major issues! He very often calls himself ugly, expreses a sense of self-loathing state of mind and has no problem considering himself inferior becamse of his darker complexion, which sort of reflects on his other tweets where he tries to judge basically everyone based on their physical appearances (No wonder the lead actress on his upcoming directorial venture Sarkar 3, is the face of fair and lovely - Yami Gautam)

But that cannot be an excuse for anything, especially not his, largely sexist, misogynistic and woman-bashing mindset and how casually he puts forth the same on social platforms.

A frank advice to the filmmaker - don't drink and Tweet. Better yet, just stop being a jerk.

That's all.

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