KRK insults Mohanlal in a series of Tweets: Twitter shreds him to pieces

Kamal Rashid Khan, is no stranger to controversies (read potty-mouthery). He started off as a male version of Rakhi Sawant and has apparently gone leaps beyond that now.

Here's a little reminder to how and why:

Remember now? Good. So, after the recent announcement of legendary South-Indian actor Mohanlal being considered for the role of 'Bheem' in the recently announced upcoming mega-budget adaptation of Mahabharata (Phew! That was a long sentence) - KRK, with his usual self, tweeted a series of disrespectful posts towards the superstar - that had him facing the uncalled-for wrath of Mohanlal's fans.
KRK, apparently thought Mohanlal was totally inappropriate to play the role of Bheem. Fine! But he said it in his typical fashion of outrageous insults:

And then followed the responses of the superstar's outraged fans:

And so it went on and on and on. Another day, another Twitter controversy. Needless to say, Mohanlal was among top trending celebs soon after the incident.

He should already have it down by now - you don't mess with Mohanlal - or his fans!

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