School girls pull bus out of mud: Become online sensation

A picture posted on Twitter, showing a group of schoolgirls pulling out a stuck bus from the mud is going viral and winning the internet.

The picture posted by Twitter user Lawai BemBem is reportedly from Manipur, and has everyone going 'gaga' over it's display of girl power. The image has collected over 3,600 'likes' and more than 3,200 retweets within two days.

The description of the image reads, "Manipuri girls went for a study tour to Loktak Lake. Bus gets stuck in mud,"

While it also brings in mind the conditions people endure due to lack of facilities, it also makes you question why better roads are not developed on the route by the authorities.

Twitter users were all praise for the empowering picture. "Seriously, these girls pulled a whole bus up the incline ? 😯Pure respect !!" said one user replying to the picture. "Proof that India has a 1000 Mary Koms," said another.

One commenter praised spirit of Manipur in his reply, "This is the spirit. This shows that N-E people are sincere and hardworking but always in a jovial spirit." while another questioned why the road was in such a condition in the first place, "Isn't Lohtak Lake a major tourist destination with the grassy islands? How can the government not build a proper road?"

Read some of the tweets below:

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