Sonu Nigam posts video of 'Azaan' on Twitter, adds more fuel to controversy

Sonu Nigam's 'Azaan' controversy doesn't show any signs of taming anytime soon.

After being questioned for the authenticity of his claims of being disturbed by the sound of 'Azaan', as some said that his house was too far from the mosque to be affected by the sound of it, Nigam recorded a video of the 'Azaan' from his house and uploaded it on the social network.

Captioned "Good morning India", the video is mostly dark and you can't really see anything but hear the sound of the prayer being played in the background.

Several Bollywood celebs have reacted to his recent complaint made about the disturbance caused by loudspeakers being used in religious places, giving example of a mosque near his house playing the morning 'Azaan' everyday.

Recently, actress Kangna Ranaut also joined in the debate as she said that though she loves the 'Azaan', everybody should be allowed to express their individual opinions and debate on them.

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