Sonu Nigam shaves head after Twitter spat on the 'Azaan issue'

To answer a fatwa issued against him by a Maulvi, who announced a prize of Rs 10 Lakh to anyone who would shave Sonu Nigam's head, the singer has gone ahead 'pulled a Britney Spears' on himself, accepting the challenge of the maulvi.

The enraged Muslim cleric from West Bengal, had issued the fatwa, after Sonu's Tweets complaining about the sound of the morning Azaan coming from a mosque near his house, that according to him disturbed his sleep everyday.

The series of tweets started a national debate with Nigam becoming the widest trending celeb online, as multiple responses started pouring in.

Following the fatwa, Sonu shaved his head at his Juhu residence and called for a press conference and even asked the cleric to 'keep Rs 10 Lakh ready'

As expected Twitter is set on fire once again with some calling his move 'bold' and some saying 'he went too far'

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