This is what Kangana Ranaut has to say about the Sonu Nigam 'Azaan' controversy.

Many Bollywood celebrities have come out and expressed their opinions about Sonu Nigam's recent comment on the morning 'Azaan'. The singer was apparently unhappy with religious places using 'loudspeakers' which, he said, 'disturbed his morning sleep'.

Now Bollywood's very own outspoken fierce Queen, Kangana Ranaut has come out with her own opinion on the whole issue and has stated that she "loves" 'Azaan' and other religious activities be it any religious place, however Sonu Nigam as an individual should be allowed to state his own opinions and should not be bashed for it.

“I can’t speak for anyone but I really love azaan... even when we were shooting in Lucknow I loved the sound of it. I’m speaking for myself." the two time National award winner said. She further added, “Be it any religious activity, be it any gurudwaras, temples or mosques I love them. I visit all these places. We even go for Christmas mass.”

But she also insisted that Sonu's opinion should be respected and discussed. “But that’s not to say what he is saying shouldn’t be considered, that’s his opinion and he should be respected for that. And that’s the idea of bringing it on social media so that it can be discussed,” she said.

Earlier this month Sonu Nigam sparked a national debate after a series of Tweets complaining about the loud sound of the morning 'Azaan' coming from a nearby mosque.

Seems like the controversy isn't going to die down anytime soon.

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