10 Rare Facts About Baahubali's Lead Star Prabhas You Might Not Know

The first installment of Baahubali is already the fourth highest grossing movie in Indian cinema's history, while the sequel is now going several notches above and is already headed towards shattering all box-office records with it's monstrous turnout.

As Baahubali: The Conclusion continues to break box-office records in India and abroad, we give you a glimpse of the leading star of the SS Rajamouli's magnum opus, Prabhas, who has become India's heartthrob with his stellar performance in Rajamouli's masterpiece and his charming yet macho looks.

Born in 23 October 1979, the 37 year old star has acted in over 18 movies, but his nation-wide recognition only came with the Baahubali series.

Here are some rare tidbits about the actor you might not already know:

1) During the entire coarse of making of Baahubali, Prabhas did not sign on for another project as he wanted to completely devote to the magnum opus. He devoted approximately 5 years specifically to this movie. He even declined several Bollywood offers while he was working on the movie.

2) Prabhas had to go through massive transformation for his role in Baahubali. The actor gained 22 Kg's, to meet the requirement of the role.

3) One of his favorite hobbies is reading. He even maintains a mini-library at his home.

4) Apart from being a fitness freak, Prabhas is also a sports freak and has his own mini Volleyball court setup outside house.

5) Prabhas has become a favorite among women post the success of the movie. The hunk has received over 6000 marriage proposals.

6) Prabhas might appear to be a 'new star' to most people in north/west India, but the actor has worked in Tamil and Telugu movies for over 15 years and has delivered several hits before.

7) Prabhas is against putting birds in cages. He maintains a garden where he takes care of several 'free-to-fly' birds.

8) Prabha's first movie came out in the year 2002 and was entitled 'Eshwar'

9) Prabhas doesn't just have the looks and chops, but also the brains. The actor graduated with a B.Tech from a Hyderabad University before pursuing acting.

10) Not many people know this, but before become a nationally-famous name, Prabhas also appeared for an item song in the 2014 Bollywood movie, 'Action Jackson.'

So how many of these did you know?

Baahubali: The Conclusion is currently being played in theaters across the world and has already grossed over 650 crores in less than 7 days of it's release. 

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