19 year old boy who fought bone cancer scores 95% in CBSE 12th Boards

Delhi Public School student, Tushar Rishi had to skip his 10th Board examinations after being diagnosed with cancer in his left knee back in 2014. The young lad did not let that stop him in his willingness to perform well in his further studies.

Tushar Rishi recently gave his 12th Board exams and garnered massive praise for scoring 95% overall in his final examination, while preparing for it at a time when he was also battling with the disease.

Source: Tushar Rishi/Facebook

"I was under chemotherapy for around 11 months. It has obviously changed me a lot, but I try and stay focused on my academics," Tushar told Hindustan Times

Tushar's mother, Ritu Agarwal,  who works as a professor at the Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, was gave him all the credit for his success stating that he did not even attend additional coaching during the exam preparations, "He was solely dependent on the classes at school as he did not go to tuition. I am more than happy with his performance. I have seen him battle cancer and I know how difficult it was for him. I hope he stays healthy and achieves all his career goals."

Not only his achievement in academics despite all the adversities, the 19 year student from Delhi Public School, also has a published book to his name, entitled "The Patient Patient", which revolves around his own struggles as a cancer survivor and is already out on sale in Amazon.

Tushar is said to be doing better after treatment, but makes regular trips to the hospital for routine check-ups and follows a strict diet and lifestyle to ensure the cells don't reproduce.

Wishing all the great luck to this brave young man in his future endeavors.

The article has been sourced from a piece from Hindustan Times

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