22 year old boy kills mother. Writes message with her blood

A 22 year college student from Mumbai has been alleged of murdering his mother following disputes related to his performance in studies. The shocking incident was reported by the boy's father, Dyaneshwar Ganore who is a police inspector in Mumbai and discovered the brutally stabbed body of his wife inside their flat in Mumbai's Santacruz West.

Ganore who arrived late from his duty, waited outside the locked apartment assuming his wife and son had gone out for a movie outing. It was only later when he noticed the apartment's keys kept outside near the shoe-rack, that he managed to go inside and found the blood-drenched body of his wife, Deepali and a message apparently written with her blood which said, "Tired of her, catch me and hang me :)" - with a 'smiley'.

A photograph of the accused/Text scribbled from the victim's blood

It was then he called the police at around 3 AM to report about the incident and his wife was taken to the Cooper Hospital, where she was declared dead upon arrival.

Deepali's throat had been stabbed at least eight to nine times and there were severe stabbing wounds on her stomach as well. The butality of the attack made it seem that she must have died on the spot.

Their 22 year old son, Siddhant was absonding from the scene and the police haven't been able to trace him as of now.

The discrepencies between the mother and son had risen since Siddhant was unable to perform well in his studies and was constantly failing in exams.

But there's a slight twist in the story.

Though the initial allegations and proofs collected from the crime scene make it seem like their son was the definite culprit, the police have also found irregularities in the claims laid by Deepali's husband, Dyaneshwar.

He had initially told the police that the last phone call he made to his wife was on the 23rd of May at 5 PM, but has not been able to show telephonic records of the same.

His claims of leaving work on time to attend a dinner hosted by a relative have also been refuted, as it was later found that he had left work at 2 PM after complaining of stomach ache.

The police is currently trying to trace down Siddhant and examining the CCTV footage of the building.

News source: Times Of India

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