Dark is Beautiful: This Viral picture reminds everyone that beauty comes in all shades

For years and years, our young people have been lead to believe that being beautiful is directly proportional to having a light-colored skin - which is so not true.

But when you turn on the TV and come across countless of advertisements making it seem as if having a darker complexion is an inferiority that needs to be corrected by using their products, you wonder if our perception of beauty has not just been turned prejudiced but also very narrow.

Thankfully,  every now and then we come across people breaking the shackles of these stereotypes and partial views to show us that beauty, really does come in all shapes, shades and sizes.

This time, the perception was given a viral hit by a woman who shared a selfie of herself with her gorgeous cousins almost a year ago in her social media account.

Source: abi_thepooja/Instagram
The dark complexioned beauties caught the attention of thousands worldwide as their picture started getting shared on various social platforms.

The photo was originally uploaded by Abirami Ravichandran Pillai on her Instagram account more than a year ago. Pillai is a Singapore resident, who's seen in the picture with her cousins in traditional ethnic clothing. Captioned, #unfairandlovely as a retaliation against the leading fairness cosmetics brand in Asia, the dusky beauty of the three woman caught the attention of thousands instantly on a post that has since been liked by almost '3000' people, before it started circulating on other social media platforms.

People can't get enough of the picture and how gorgeous the three look in it, noting how you never get to see dark-skin beauties on the mainstream media or Bollywood movies - and how for years they have shoved the "only fair is beautiful" mentality in the minds of everyone.

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We need more people like Pillai and her sisters to constantly keep on breaking the stereotypes.

Beauty is truly not limited by the color of your skin and NOBODY should tell you otherwise.

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