Girl stalked by Uber driver shares her experience online

Uber has previously been on several controversies related to sexual harassment and molestation reported against some of its drivers. The popular cab-service provider has had its image tarnished every now and then with instances of misconduct reported by its passengers - particularly female passengers who've complained against the misbehavior of their drivers.

A similar story came into limelight recently when Pune resident, Ambika Sharma Anavkar shared her bitter experience with an Uber driver in a Facebook post.

In a detailed post the FB Sharma talked about how her Uber driver continued to stalk her on Whatsapp days after she took a ride with him. Telling her that he "missed her", the driver further asked if she was 'still in the city'. The incident raised question about Uber's policy of maintain customer confidentiality and measures to avoid misuse of customer's personal details.

Screenshots attached by Ambika Sharma on Facebook
Read the complete post from Ambika below:

Dear #UberIndia,
On the 07th of May I booked a cab from the airport to Pashan in pune with you for a relative and her 2 boys! The driver seemed friendly and asked her where was she coming from and tried making small talks, to which she initially replied with politeness and later started ignoring. Now this is what happens next. If this is not the beginning of harassment then what Is? I book my family with only uber because so far I felt safe and secure with you'll. But not any more!!! When he said he was the driver I thought my cousin left something back in the cab and he is meaning to return it.. but this is what the truth was!!
Please see the pics attached!

Ambika later edited her post to mentioned that her issue was 'resolved' as she got confirmation from Uber after her complaint, stating that the driver has been suspended.

Edited to add:
I got a call from uber saying that they are extremely sorry and that they will now suspend him. Said they picked my complain up from Twitter and will now speak to the driver and then write to me about the actions they've taken.
Thank you friends for your support by reacting to this post/ commenting on it and also sharing it.
They sent me a msg that the issues is resolved:-/

Women's security is one of the biggest concerns in India right now. With the cases of rapes and sexual harassment increasing every day and a new gruesome story being reported every few hours.

Its a sad state of affairs when women's safety becomes a concern even in big metropolitan cities. Uber may have provided resolution on this particular incident, but greater measures need to be taken to resolve the issue of security in radio taxis.

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