Gurgaon girl helps find lost dog. Refuses to accept 2 Lakh reward from owners.

When Rick Green's dog went missing earlier this month, he immediately went on a look-out as he announced a reward of Rs 2 lakh for anyone who found her.

Rexy - an Indian breed, Green picked from a shelter along with his wife Venus was only one month into her new family, before she went missing from a shopping center in Gurgaon, on Sunday, 7 May.

Rick and Venus are an Australian couple residing in Sector 66 of Gurgaon since January and are both devoted animal lovers. Soon after Rexy went missing, the couple put up several posters across the city. Although they did receive several calls after that, none could really lead them to find their beloved pooch.

It was the next day, Green finally got a call from a girl residing in Sector 49 of Gurgaon who claimed she had the seen their dog in a park outside her apartment.

Representational Image(Source: Wikimedia Commons)
With the help of the information provided by the girl, the couple were able to locate and find Rexy, however when they approached the girl to offer her the announced reward of Rs 2 lakhs, she and her mother just plainly refused to accept it.

“We will go to see the girl on Wednesday and try to convince her mother to accept the reward. However, if she refuses to take the money, I will donate the amount to an animal charity,” Venus Green said.

The girl's generosity garnered a lot of praise from people who applauded her for coming out to offer help without thinking about the prize.

Even if she refuses to accept, the Green's have concluded they would donate it to an animal charity.

All's well that ends well.

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