Here Are Some of the Things Justin Bieber has Demanded During His Stay In India

Pop superstar Justin Bieber is scheduled to perform his very first concert in India next week. The 'Love Yourself' hit-maker is stopping by in Mumbai as part of his ongoing 'Purpose World Tour' and has garnered enormous buzz for the past several months. Bieber sure has a massive fan-following in India which isn't hesitating from paying for tickets worth thousands to get a chance to see him perform live.

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The concert has already been surrounded with a number controversies, the most headlining of them being the speculations surrounding Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha's inclusion as an 'opening act' for the show, which created massive Twitter outrage as people opposed to the idea of an actor being chosen to perform on the show instead of an actual singer.

Latest on the buzz surrounding the highly anticipated show, comes with the set of demands Bieber has raised for specific arrangements to be made prior to his stay in India. His vast list of very peculiar arrangements and demands is the hottest topic on social media right now

Here are some of the things Justin has listed to be arranged or adhered to:

1) 10 Luxury Sedans and 2 Volvo buses for his 120+ person strong entourage.

2) A Jaccuzzi to be built backstage during his show, so the star could unwind, in-between the breaks.

3) A Rolls Royce for his own personal travels

4) A Hoverboard, A Playstation and a ping pong table for his amusement and to help him kill time.

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5) A Private jet to travel and discover the country.

6) A washing machine, a couch and a massage table to make him feel 'home'

7) A chopper to fly him into the stadium for a grand opening of his show

8) Bieber has also requested for an elevator to be kept specifically for him in his hotel with restricted entry by any other person

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9) 1000-sq ft suit, filled with vanilla fragrances and a large supply of cans of wildberries

10) Justin has requested for a licensed and trained female masseur from Kerela

11) Special meals, named after his songs, to be prepared by top chefs

12) A large supply of gum for his entourage and himself

13) Several dozens of water bottles, energy drinks, protein drinks, juices, cream sodas, fizzy drinks, vitamin water to be stocked in his room

14) A glass door refrigerator so Bieber doesn't have to open the door see what's in it.

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15) Dressing room, consisting only of white curtains

16) Scented candles and fresh flowers (except lilies) to be placed in his room

17) 13 rooms to be prepared backstage for the star and his entourage

18) A Luxury hotel's 3 floors to be entirely booked for him to create his own private villa during his stay

PHEW!!! Does Bieber really enjoy living this big or is he just trying to show-off?

While some may call these outrageous, others are simply stating that they're required and are common for a star as big as him.

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