How this Auto driver's story inspired thousands to come forward to help

When filmmaker Vinod Kapri shared the story of a Mumbai-based auto driver Mohammad Saeed, he may not have expected it would garner national attention and thousands of people would come out to offer a helping hand.

Source: @vinodkapri/Twitter
Kapri Tweeted a picture of Mohammad giving a brief overview of his condition to people as he urged them to offer help. The filmmaker also left his mobile number for those who wanted to reach out, "Ths is heartbreaking.met Md.Saeed(9702098346) 2day in mumbai.Wife paralysed.Nobody to take care of his son.still fighting & driving auto," he wrote

Vinod's tweet caught the attention of several Twitter users getting over 2000 retweets on the social media platform. He later shared the bank details of Mohammad for anyone who wanted to make a financial contribution:

As it started going viral, the story was also covered by Mumbai Mirror

The daily newspaper gave further details of Mohammad Saeed's story, who lives in Versova, Mumbai and works as an auto-driver to provide for his family. Difficulties in Saeed's lives multiplied when his wife, Yasmin was paralysed following a heat stroke and is now being taken care of by their neighbor who also caters to their 3 month old daughter.

Mohammad also has a two year old son whom he carries with himself in his rented auto-rickshaw to ensure the boy's safety and well-being. He works for almost 24 hours everyday to consolidate funds for his wife's medical treatment who was paralyzed from the left side of her body only a few weeks ago and is unable to receive the required medical attention due to financial difficulties of the family.

Saeed expressed his gratitude to everyone who reached out to offer help as he said it gave him the strength to continue to fight. "I received some money. I don’t know how much it is; I will go to the bank and check. I also received countless calls from people who want to donate and help."

If you in any position to provide financial aid to Mohammad and his family, please do so with the banking details mentioned above.

Story souce: Mumbai Mirror/Hindustan Times

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