Milind Soman's 78 year old mother does a 1 minute long plank. Watch Video.

Milind Soman who's known to be a fitness freak celebrated mother's day in his own unique style. The former supermodel and actor posted a video of his 78 year old mother doing a minute and some seconds long plank.

Source: Instagram/milindrunning
The mother-son duo is known to be physically active at varying ages and have inspired countless lazy souls to get up and start working harder on their bodies.

Soman won massive admiration back in 2012, when at the age of 46 he became a Limca Record holder for running over 1500 KM's in 30 days for a marathon - which was organized by NDTV to spread environmental awareness.

Soman's mother, 78 year old former biochemist, Usha Soman is also as health and fitness-driven as her son, as she can be seen participating in several marathons and other physical activities in various public programs. Watch this video for example, where she is seen participating barefoot with her son in a marathon:

So it was inevitible the two would celebrate 'Mother's Day' in their own unique way, as Soman posted a video of her mother doing a 1 minute and 20 second long plank while wearing a saree. "1min 20sec plank for Mother's day! Not her personal best but good all the same :) #live2inspire #Nextispushups #78 #UshaSoman #NeverGiveUp #KeepMoving," he wrote.

Apparently, Usha has played a huge role in inspiring Milind to stay physically active and fit as 51 year old former model was quoted as saying, "I give credit to my mom for inspiring and encouraging me to take sports seriously. She was a professor of bio-chemistry and at the age of 60 when she retired she started trekking. Today, she is 76 and participates in a 100-kilometre trek. She does that every year and has inspired my sisters to join her. They all are above 50"

If this doesn't inspire you to get up and start training your bodies, probably nothing will.

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