Revolver Rani: This UP Groom was abducted at gun point by his former girlfriend

In an incident that sounds no less than an 80's masala-Bollywood flick - a 24 year old man was abducted at gunpoint from his own wedding ceremony by none other than his former lover, who was apparently not happy about his marriage with another woman.

Ashok Yadav performing the wedding rituals before things went south
Ashok Yadav was taking the vows with a girl of his parents choice in a wedding ceremony in Maudala, Hamirpur. Right before the ritual could begin, two SUV's made a dramatic entry into the venue as 10 armed people jumped out of it. One of them happened to be a girl named Bharti Yadav who entered the wedding scene with a revolver in her hand.

As per eye-witnesses, Bharti placed the gun on Ashok's head as she told everyone that the two had been in a relationship for the past 10 months and he came to Hamirpur to marry another woman without informing her of anything. She then hit Ashok on his head with the revolver as she escorted him out of the scene and took him away in the SUV.

Though police were called soon after the incident, the accused have not been tracked as of now. A search is also being done in Bharti's residence - Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh to locate the abducted groom.

A formal complaint has been registered at the Maudaha police station by Ashok's parents.

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