Salman Khan reveals he has a facial nerve disorder, overcame Suicidal Tendencies.

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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently opened up to the press about his facial nerve disorder for the first time. The 51 year old actor was in a press conference in Dubai for the launch of a song from his upcoming movie, 'Tubelight' where he spoke in details about the challenges faced by him because of the ailment:

“I was suffering from this nerve problem called trigeminal neuralgia. So I couldn’t talk. Had to talk like that and huge amount of pain,” he candidly told the press.

He then referenced how the disease makes one a victim of suicidal tendencies because of the pain involved. “That’s one disease that basically has the highest rates of suicides. Over education, over everything. There is so much of pain...I suffered that,” he said.

Trigeminal neuralgia is achronic pain disorder that damages the trigeminal nerve - a nerve responsible for facial sensations and movement. The disease results in severe facial pain that may last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes with recurrences over a few hours.

Salman later added how the disease pushed him to work harder to stay on path, “So at that point of time, I realised that I need to work really hard. No matter how much pain you are going through, it made me realise that you can’t put any subtitles — your ligament is torn, you have the flu or that your knee is hurting — in any of your scenes. Your fans don’t care about it and that you really need to give your best on screen. Once it’s printed, it’s lifelong,”

Watch the segment of Salman's interview in Dubai below:

Salman's upcoming flick, Tubelight is stated for a release on June 23rd.

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