Shashi Tharoor's extensive vocabulory sprouts a legion of hilarious Memes...again

Shashi Tharoor is probably the most articulate politician we have today, and he understands how to make use of his limitless vocabulary in the English language - we already know all of that.

Wikimedia commons/Twitter
So, as controversial journalist Arnab Goswami made a scandalous claim on his channel during Monday evening's news broadcast, about Tharoor hiding a crucial evidence related to the death of his wife, who passed away in 2014 under mysterious circumstances, Tharoor took to Twitter rubbishing the claims in a statement that would immediately have you running for a dictionary.

"Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations&outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalst" - that is literally what the politician and activist wrote on his Tweet, in what looks like a tongue-twister at first.

Does this actually mean that Tharoor goes deeper in the sea of his vocab when he's at his angriest?

We don't know that, but there was no way on earth Twitter was going to let go of what was destined to be a GOLD meme.

And so unleashed a hilarious series of Tharoor-jokes on his Exasperating farrago of the English language (Did we say that right?)

Huffpost India quickly turned into a savior and knew precisely what they had to do:

And this classic reference of 'Khichdi':

So basically, Twitter saved the day again - by taking the most Exasperating farrago of words in Twitter history that were sure to give you a serious nausea and turning it into the most iconic meme of 2017.

Head to Tharoor's parent tweet for some other equally hilarious replies.

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