SHOCKING! Tejas Express first trip: Passangers tear seats, steal headphones and break LCD screens

Being termed India's fastest train yet, Tejas Express, made its commercial debut on the Indian Railway tracks on May 22.

With an estimated speed of 200km/Hr, the first run of the train started from Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to Goa on Monday. Everyone seemed excited about the well-equipped train, loaded with some great new facilities like LCD monitors for every seat and in-built food-dispensing machines on every compartment, but none would have expected it to be turned into a holy mess during its very first run.

As the train returned from its first trip earlier this week, authorities were shocked to see the condition the on-board passengers had left it on. With broken LCD screens, litter-filled coaches, leftovers in the toilet and even more shockingly - stolen headphones from atleast 12 seats - the train's condition was turned upside down within a day.

The railway officials expressed their shock and disappointment over the treatment given to the highly anticipated project in its first ride itself, while people boarding the train the next day complained about its untidy and damaged condition.

Tejas will continue to run for five days a week en-route Mumbai-Goa, excluding Monday's and Thursday's.


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