This Hollywood reality TV star showed up in Indian 'Lehenga-Chunni' at the MTV Movie awards

As you know the 2017 MTV Movie and TV awards were held this past Sunday, which featured some of the biggest names of movies and television come together to pat each other's back and trying to top each other with their red-carpet fashion statements.

American Reality TV star Farrah Abraham, who became famous for shows like '16 and Pregnant' and 'Teen Moms', took a different route from the regular red-carpet gowns, and wore an Indian Lehenga combined with a 'bind', 'maang tika' and 'mehendi.'

Source: farrah_abraham/Instagram
You might wonder "what's so special about that? People have worn Indian costumes before too?"

Well, yes they have. But Farrah's "Indian get-up" for some reason seems to have sparked some controversy as people have labelled her appearance as 'cultural appropriation.' A lot of people on social media outlets were not happy with her 'Bollywood-inspired' look, as she called it.

However, to be fair, the backlash is quite uncalled for, since she did carry it well and though it may not have been the 'best lehenga-look ever' it was still sort of pretty.

But it's not like all the responses have been negative. Many people loved her bright pink Lehenga teamed with all those extra sets of bangles.

"You all go straight to cultural appropriation when it's cultural appreciation," said one person.

Abraham on the other hand, seems to be un-bothered with all the criticism, since she already termed herself the 'best-dressed' celebrity of the evening.

Do you think people are being a little over-sensitive?

What do you think about her look?

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