"Tie Arundhati Roy to Army Jeep", Paresh Rawal makes controversial remarks on the author

Veteran Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal made a shocking statement on Twitter while addressing author Arundhati Roy in a discussion pertaining to the recent incident in which a man was tied to an Army jeep in Kashmir as a 'human shield.'

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The 'human-shield' incident in-question went viral through a video posted last month, amid clashes between Kashmiri local and army officials deployed in the area - where a young man was shown tied to an Army jeep in the form of a 'protection' from the stone pelting protesters. The incident was widely condemned by human rights activists across nation who pushed the army to order a court inquiry.

The 66 year old actor and BJP lawmaker referenced the former Booker Prize Winner in the statement that provoked several reactions on Twitter, with many criticizing the actor and politician for inciting violence.

"Instead of tying stone pelter on the army jeep tie up Arundhati Roy!" Paresh Rawal wrote on his Tweet, continuing further on another Tweet, "We have a wide variety of choices."

It is not certain yet, what may have instigated the actor to make a sudden statement about Roy, however it is to be noted that the author has been vocal about Kashmir-related issues and her controversial views on army's role in the state.

What are your thoughts on Paresh Rawal's statement?

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