Vikram Bhatt Talks about Cheating His Wife with Actress Sushmita Sen

Not many people know about this but filmmaker Vikram Bhatt had two very public relationships with two mainstream actresses of Bollywood. They were none other than Sushmita Sen and Amisha Patel.

His affair with actress Shushmita Sen happened before the release of his blockbuster directorial venture, 'Ghulam' and it lead to such complications in his marital life that it pushed his wife and childhood friend, Aditi to finally leave him.

This left the filmmaker in such a mentally disturbed state, that he even contemplated suicide and thought about jumping from the balcony of his apartment.

In an intimate interview with Hindustan Times, the filmmaker was quoted telling, “That was not because of Sushmita. That was because of what I’d done to my life. I had gotten divorced, my film Ghulam was yet to be released, I was only Sushmita Sen’s boyfriend, I was depressed, I missed my daughter like crazy...I had just made a mess of my life.”

This might be a revelation to many as it all happened in an era before social media, when not every celebrity scandal leaked to the screens of common households. Despite the affair being very public, the news-outlets were few, so not every story was 'in-your-face.'

According to his interview with HT, the filmmaker still regrets cheating on his wife and hurting his family, “I regret hurting my wife and my child and abandoning them. I regret the pain I caused them. I always believe that when you’re not courageous, you become cunning. I did not have the courage to tell Aditi how I felt. And it was all happening together, it was a big mess,” he said in his interview with HT Brunch. Reflecting back at the extra-marital affair he adds, “I regret being weak at that time. Had I not been weak, things would have been different today. But when I look back in hindsight, it’s all about growing up, and everything teaches you something at least.”

The filmmaker later talked about how he never really wanted to marry either Sushmita or Ameesha as he considered them 'shallow' relationships. He later indulged into his thoughts on BDSM and how he experimented with Sadomasochistic sex when he was younger.

The producer and director recently released a novel entitled 'A Handful Of Sunshine' which is said to be loosely inspired from events of his own life, however he denied there being any mention of Sushmita, Ameesha or his wife in it. 

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