Viral: Couple fights during 'Varmala' ceremony of their marriage

One of the most common things to expect in Indian weddings, is someone somewhere getting in a fight with someone with fists being drawn and perhaps jaws being broken - probably due to being "high in the spirit" of the wedding (Pun intended). However, one wouldn't expect the the two leads of the ceremony to be involved in any such brawl themselves and especially not with each other.

In a recently uploaded video on YouTube, an Indian couple is seen getting in a mini-brawl as they attempt to complete the 'Varmala' ceremony on stage of their wedding day. The hilarious moment was captured by one of the attendees of the wedding, which later went viral on social media.

Viral Tube/YouTube
The wild moment captured on camera is uploaded on the channel, 'Viral tube' and is close to a million views now.

Not sure if it was all in fun or if they were really mad at each other while fighting over who was going to be the first one to wear it. The rush to win between the bride and groom gets so intense that both 'Varmalas' end-up being torn apart as they later just gaze at the stage probably wondering how to get the hell out of the awkward situation now.

However it's hard to tell who really won, it sure does look like a lot of fun.

Watch the video here:

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