Whether by birth or by law - all mothers are special. This beautiful ad sums it perfectly.

A mother's love is without doubt the most precious thing on the planet. How she unconditionally puts herself and her wants and needs behind to prioritize the dreams of her kids.

But a mother's love is not merely limited to the ones who give birth, it is an emotion that goes deeper and encompasses the boundaries of blood and flesh. We always give a special place to the mothers who devoted their lives to bringing us up and sacrificing their youth to help us stand up on our feet - but there's another mother, who comes into our lives at a later stage - the one who's not a Mother by birth, buy by law.

To celebrate the occasion of 'Mother's Day' Godrej put together a heartwarming beautiful ad entitled, #ForAllMoms, which attempts to concentrate on this aspect of ones love for their mother-in-laws.

Set-up in a backdrop of a nuclear Indian family, the short film concentrates on the warmth and love between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law - and shows how all mothers, whether by birth or by law, deserve your love, support and care.

Take a look at the heartwarming ad below:

Dedicated to ALL mothers all around the world.

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