Woman chops of a Sanyasi's genitals who raped her for 8 years

A 23 year old girl chopped of the genitals of her rapist after suffering from 8 years of physical, sexual and emotional turmoil.

Allegedly, the girl, who's lived in Kerala with her mother and paralyzed father was raped since she was in the tender age of 16, by the spiritual guru and god-man identified as Swami Gangeshananda.

Image Source: News18
After suffering from 8 years of rape and sexual assault, the girl finally got the courage to retaliate by chopping off his penis with a sharp object as he forced another sexual contact with her.

The accused was then rushed to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College when doctors rushed him to emergency to perform a surgery, however they failed to re-attach his penis as 90% of it was already cut-off.

A police complaint was later filed against the Swami for sexually molesting the 23 year old girl for the last 8 years, since she was in class 12th.

She later said in a statement that the Swami was a frequent visitor to their home, as her mother would invited him on several occasions for conducting 'Puja' and offering prayers. A criminal case has been filed against the man under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

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