Woman shares her story of being stalked by a stranger in the Delhi metro

You might think that the Delhi Metro is protected from most crimes with the presence of supposedly high security at every station, but the incident shared by a woman on Twitter recently, might make you weary about your own safety.

Twitter user Megha, shared her personal account after being stalked by an unknown man while traveling through the Delhi Metro. The incident occurred on the Sunday, 28th of May approximately around 8:00 PM, as Megha was traveling to the Gold Coarse metro station where her was father was supposed to come pick her up.

While sharing her experience on her Twitter handle, Megha mentioned that man appeared to stand 'too-close' to her throughout the journey, however she did not respond at that point, giving him a benefit-of-doubt as the train is generally too crowded during those hours.

@Omeghaa_/Twitter/Wikimedia Commons

However, things started to turn creepy, as the man de-boarded at the same station as Megha and tried listening to her conversation with her father over the phone to find out where she was heading.

As her father eventually arrived and she rushed to get in the car, the man tried to push her towards a shady corner of the stairs, which is when she retaliated by slapping him and made noises to call for help.

Except for her father, who tried to chase the man as he ran away, no other bystander came forward to help Megha - including the security guard.

Her story hits home for several other people who experience being groped or touched inappropriately in the metro or other crowded public places and it also raises concerns about how trained are the security personals who are employed to safeguard the Metro premises when it comes to such incidents.

Read her horrific account below:

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