Born without hands in a Naxal area, 17 year old girl passes 12th Exams. Aspires to be an IAS Officer

17 year old Aanchal Raut aspires to be an IAS officer.

Living in a remote village of Gadchiroli, a Naxal-infested area - a few hours from Nagpur, Raut just cleared her Higher Secondary Exams with a score of 63% in the science stream - an examination she cleared by using her feet to write the papers.

Aanchal was born without either of her arms in the Khurkheda Village, to a farmer father and mother, who suffers from the same birth defect as her daughter.

Her story was recently shared by Times Of India, mentioning her struggles being born and raised in a remote village and fighting all adversities of life to reach for her one goal - to become an IAS Officer.

Like her mother, Aanchal learned to do all her daily chores with the help of her feet including writing her final examination papers for HSC.

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In an interview with Times Of India, Rajabhau Munghate, the principal of Vidya Bharati Mahavidyalaya - the government school Raut studies in praised her determination and self-reliance.

"Our college is a 40-minute bus ride for Aanchal but she ensured that every morning she was present in class. When she sought admission in the college, we were worried how she will cope with academic and practicals since she did not have hands. But Aanchal proved everyone wrong and has now become a role model for all our 140-odd students," Munghate told TOI. Further adding, "She writes fast and in a very neat and clean manner. She does not depend on anyone to complete her tasks, which shows the strong stuff she's made of. Aanchal helps in floral decorations and arranging diyas during cultural functions, and even helps out her friends in studies whenever required,"

An IAS aspirant, Aanchal is already a role-model for many, for her dogged determination and her willing to fight life's obstacles to turn things around.

She hopes to fulfill her dream one day with support from her college.

This story has been sourced from Times Of India

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