Hindus and Muslims come together to ban loudspeakers from places of worship in Muradabad

The locals of a remote village in Muradabad, which constituted of both Hindus and Muslims came together to put a stoppage to loudspeakers being used in places of worship.

In an interview with Times Of India, Circle officer, Chakramani Tripathi said, "Police and district administration of Moradabad are full of praise for the initiative taken by the elders of both the communities who amicably resolved the issue in the holy month of Ramzan."

The usage of loudspeakers in religious places of both communities has been an issue for several years in the Triyadan Village, also leading up to communal violence on several occasions in the past.

The fact that the two communities worked together to eradicate the issue from their village, has served as a great symbol of communal harmony and peace.

As reported by TOI, the elders of both communities got together to have a discussion on the prolonged issue of loudspeakers in the village and decided to do away with them at religious places of both communities after gathering everybody along with them.

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Back in April, singer Sonu Nigam had sparked nation-wide controversy, after his Twitter rant complaining that he didn't like having to wake-up early with the Azaan playing at 4 O' clock in the morning, terming it "forced religiousness." 

The sound coming from a Mosque, presumably near his house ended up waking him up early in the morning, which irked the singer - what followed was a heated argument across nation involving several Indian celebs voicing their opinion on the same.

Amidst all of this, the people of Triyadan Village have set an example for everyone on how to work together to fix issues without resorting to violence.

As 55 year old Zakir Hussain, who's a resident of the Triyadan Village told TOI, "Violence is an act of satan. In the holy month of Ramzan, we decided to take loudspeakers off the minarets of the mosques. Our Hindu brothers also decided to take loudspeakers off the temples. Now, we all live in peace here."

Portion of the news has been sourced from Indiatimes

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