Nawazuddin Siddiqui's kids take up the cause to help clean Versova beach regularly

A few days ago the world congratulated the people of Mumbai for their tireless effort in cleaning one the dirtiest beaches of the city, over the coarse of 85 weeks.

Versova beach was transitioned from a dumping ground for the locales to a picture-perfect tourist destination.

But the task doesn't quite end there, as the beach now requires regular clean up operations to not only maintain what has been accomplished over the past 2-3 years, but also venture further to tidy-up the polluted sea shores.

One of the youngest additions to the cleaning program are Shora and Yani, actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui's kids - who participate in the cleaning drive organized every Sunday by lawyer Afroz Shah.

The award winning star's kids are drawn to the cause of the environment protection, and are willing to do their part at such a young age.

Shora and Yani, participated in the cleaning drive this past Sunday, marking the 87th week of the program. Joining some 2000 other volunteers, the two collaborated with everyone in cleaning 160 tonnes of garbage and also planting over 500 trees.

Sidiqqui's younger brother Shamas N Siddiqui, shared pictures of the two little activists on Twitter stating, "My Niece and Nephew (Shora, Yani) is also supporting... every sunday... Versova Beach Cleaning Program by @AfrozShah1 please come with us"

If this doesn't inspire you to take up the cause of keeping the surroundings in your respective localities clean, nothing will.

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