Shocking! Son beats aged father after tying him on bed. Property dispute alleged.

In a shocking incident reported last week, an old man was rescued from his abusive son - who allegedly tied him up to a bed, and tortured and beat him for several days.

The incident occurred in Mahendragarh, Haryana in which the victim, identified as Balbir, was beaten, starved and restrained for several days by his son, wife and brother over a property dispute.

The old man was in such bad condition that was not even able to stand up of talk. The police who rushed to his rescue after receiving complaints from Balbir's neighbors, immediately rushed his to a local government hospital.

Balbir, was tied to a bed with ropes, was starved of food and had several bruises on his body resulting from the abuse by his family. The assaulted man later alleged a dispute of property and want of land as the reasons for his family's torture.

To think that someone could harm an ageing, helpless old man in such a manner is shocking to say the least. Hope he given justice for the torture caused to him.


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