SRK gets thrown into mud during TV Prank. Looses his cool on the host.

Shah Rukh Khan is one of those Bollywood superstars who is known to maintain his cool and knows how to control his anger or rage in public, even if situations push him over the edge. But in a recent Television prank during the shooting of a Middle-Eastern TV show, a prank by the show's how really did push the boundaries with him.

SRK was invited to an Arabic TV show entitled, 'Ramez Underground', which turned into an unexpected prank for him as he, along with a female actress, was pushed into a slimy platform of mud with a large creature, something which looked like an iguana of some sort, was attacking them.

As SRK and the actress screamed and struggled to make their way out of the mud, in which they appeared to have sunk till their waists and really looked scared for life, the supposed "iguana" turned out to be the show's host in a costume as he instantly removed it to reveal himself.

SRK was so agitated he started throwing mud at the show's host and told him that it was not at all funny. The host tried to apologize and told him that it was all just a part of the concept of his show and that 'he loves him', SRK was not to be tamed at that point and asked for his team to be called immediately.

Watch the video of the prank below:

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