5 reasons to watch Kangana Ranaut's latest movie, 'Simran'

There is no doubt about the fact that Kangana Ranaut is one of the best actresses in Bollywood right now. The National award winning actress has proven her metal with movies like 'Queen' and 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' - both of which went on to shatter box-office barriers, breaking stereotypes around big-banner movies with female protagonists in the lead.

Ranaut has been known for playing a distinct set of characters each time and always managing to ring a bell with the audience, so much so that despite her last big-screen venture 'Rangoon' failing to create any magic at the Box-office, the actress was lauded for her sassy and power-packed portrayal of Julia.

The talented actress will now be seen in the upcoming crime-drama, 'Simran' which is stated for a release on the 15th of September. In case you haven't already made up your mind about why to not miss this flick, here are five points that would help you ensure you get your seats in advance.

5 Reasons to watch 'Simran':

1) Kangana Ranaut

The #1 reason. The trailer has already shown the Queen of Bollywood exploring new areas of her talent - and it has always been overwhelming to see Ranaut unleash her artistry on the big-screen - specially when she works in the kind of project that allows her to get within the skin of the character - and 'Simran' will do just that!

2) Hansal Mehta

'Simran' is directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker, Hansal Mehta. His last work was - 'Aligarh' - which was lauded by many as the best film of 2016, despite other popular choices winning mainstream awards due to political reasons. With movies like 'Aligarh', 'City Lights' and 'Shahid' to his name, Mehta has proven himself to be one of the best filmmakers we have today.

3) A real story of a maid-turned-criminal

However, it is not confirmed by anyone from the film yet - 'Simran' is said to be based on NRI maid 'Sandeep Kaur' - who was sent to prison for robbing a bank in order to pay her gambling debts. Now, that's one hell of an interesting story!

4) The teaser proves it would be a fun-filled ride

Although, a dialogue-trailer isn't out yet, Simran's utterly-gripping teaser is enough to capture your interest into it. Encapsulating the various moods and traits of the lead character - the 1 minute short teaser itself has been viewed over 7 million times as yet.

5) Because we need more cinema with out-of-the-box subjects

Another good-enough reason to watch Mehta's ambitious project, is that it seems to have been dealt with authenticity. There was a time when movies with female-only protagonists in the lead were considered a taboo in the Box Office - but Ranaut has proven it wrong time and again. We need to appreciate good cinema when it arrives - and 'Simran' is just that..!!

So, there you have it.

What will be your reasons to watch the movie?

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