Angered fans walk-out of A.R. Rahman's concert and slam him online for singing Tamil songs

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Bollywood fans, who went up to see legendary music producer AR Rahman, during his latest concert in the UK, were not happy when they found out that majority of his setlist included songs in Tamil.

The primarily Hindi-speaking audience, couldn't tolerate when Rahman went on to sing his regional mega-hits in the Tamil language, much to the disappointment of his fans - many of whom chose to walk of out his show.

Several, of these disappointed concert-goers, took to Twitter to express their frustration stating that it felt as if they had actually attended their "first Tamil concert" - insisting that the Oscar winning composer should have stuck to singing his more mainstream and popular Hindi Bollywood songs.

As several of the fans, seeked to get a refund after the show with numerous complaints on Twitter, a series of counter stance in support of the 50 year old singer and composer also started by another section of his fans.

Rahman's supporters were quick to point out the "Hindi privilege", stating that the singer has had a significant career in the Tamil movie and music industry, where he also made his debut before venturing into Bollywood, and has every right to perform his hits beyond one-language.

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They say, music has no language - but would you sit through a concert if you didn't know or understand majority of the songs being sung?

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