Someone made a Punjabi version of Despacito and it's HILARIOUS. Watch here.

Despacito is breaking all sorts of records on streaming services, with its total views on YouTube already standing tall at 2.7 billion.

The impact and popularity of the song has reached such extents, that despite it being in Spanish, it is being played over by people all across the world, who may not even understand the language - with several music-lovers in India falling-in for the rage too.

But like everything else that touches Indian soil, the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee-led track had to get all spiced-up with all the "desi-ness" that could be mustered into it.

One such Desi platform on Youtube called 'Old Delhi Films' have come up with an Indianized version of the megahit, entitled 'Oh Dilpreeto' or simply 'Punjabi Despacito' - which attempts to create a parody of the bombastic worldwide smash.

Listen to the spiced-up version below:

You can't deny it's catchy and fun for sure.

Well... at least you can sing along to the Desi version now.


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