Suchitra Krishnamoorthi joins the Azaan debate. Calls it 'uncivilized' and 'aggresive'

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The 'Azaan' controversy Sonu Nigam gave birth to earlier this year, is going to live longer than we had expected, it seems.

The latest to join the bandwagon is 90's Indi-pop singer and actress, Suchitra Krishnamutra who reignited the flame and sparked outrage once again with her series of Tweets venting out her frustration with the issue.

The 41 year old singer, complained about coming home early in the morning and being subjected to the loud sound of Azaan coming-in from nearby loudspeakers. Just like Nigam, Krishnamoorthy termed it "forced religiosity", stating, “came home at 4.45 am 2 most aggressive/ ear shattering call of azaan. Nothing more lowlife & dumb than such extreme imposed religiousity."

It didn't stop there, as she started getting several responses from Twitterati who complained about her post, to which she further responded, “i wake up at Brahmamuhurt of my own accord & do my prayers & riyaz.& yoga. I dont need public loudspeakers to remind me of my God or my duty."

“nobody objects to azaan or prayers during decent hours. But to be waking up entire neighbourhood at 5 am is not civilized,” she later Tweeted.

Do you think Suchitra's concern with the issue are geniune?

We think the issue should be picked-up and debated by officials who should settle the matter, once and for all.

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