Watch: Sonu Nigam sings Dhinchak Pooja's "Dilon Ka Scooter" in Kumar Sanu's voice

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Is Sonu Nigam a fan of internet's viral sensation, 'Dhinchak Pooja'?

The award-winning singer and Pop icon uploaded a video of him jamming to Dhinchak Pooja's latest offering, 'Dilon Ka Scooter' while being on-road in London. Nigam, however chose to give it twist by singing in the style of 90's superhit playback vocalist - Kumar Sanu, giving us a hint of what it might have sounded had it been recorded two decades ago.

“Despite Nevaan against the idea, I just can’t resist sharing this," the singer said, "This has been going through my head the entire night in Calgary. I have to express it out now that I’m in London."

Watch him having fun with the song below:

'Dilon Ka Scooter' is the latest addition to Pooja's list of viral tracks, which previously included 'Selfie Maine Leli Aaj'. Although people have dissed her for being talent-less and for having an annoying sound, Pooja is unaffected by the comments - stating those who don't like her music, simply shouldn't listen to it.

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