BJP leader stops ambulance after it struck his car. Patient dies due to delay

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In a shocking allegation of utter negligence and unabashed misuse of power, a BJP leader stopped an ambulance from going forward, after it hit the councilor's car while rushing to get a patient to the hospital.

Sadly, due to delays caused by the quarrel and ruckus the minister had created, the patient died succumbing to delay in reaching the hospital.

The leader identified as Darshan Nagpal, reportedly blocked the way of the ambulance after it hit his car in Fatehabad. Causing an overall delay of 30 minutes, Nagpal allegedly kept on arguing with the driver and the patient's family, claiming compensations.

This caused a delay in the 42 year old patient Naveen Soni's admission and treatment into the hospital and resulted into his death. 

“Pradhan tailed our car and stopped our ambulance, demanding compensation for damages,” Naveen's family who have now lodged a complaint with the police again Nagpal told NDTV. “The doctor told us if only you had come 15 minutes earlier, we could have saved him."

When approach to clear his stance on the tragic incident, Soni had the following to say:

“There is no question of stopping the ambulance, ask anyone present there. I believe in service how can I stop an ambulance." Soni further claimed that the "ambulance was unoccupied and the driver was drunk”.

Fatehabad police is now investigating the matter to get to the ground of it.


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