Doctors fight in Operation Theater while newborn baby dies allegedly due to negligence

'...First Do No Harm' - is one of the first doctrines medical professionals are taught when their academic pursuit commences.

But in an incident captured on tape, showcasing two doctors fighting inside the operation theater allegedly leading to a casualty arising out of their negligence - is challenging the very essence of that conviction. 

The video captured inside the OT showcases the two senior doctors, in Jodhpur's Umaid Hospital shouting and getting into a heated exchange of words while performing a cesarean section on a woman, identified as Anita.

It has been reported that Anita's newborn baby girl died following a dropping pulse, due to negligence arising out of the ego clash between the two doctors.

The case along with the video has now been sent to Rajasthan High Court, which has ordered senior officials to initiate probe on the matter in order to identify if the two doctors had a direct role in the death of the infant.

Watch the video captured and circulated by the nursing staff present inside the OT:


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