Finally!! Pahlaj Nihalani replaced by Prasoon Joshi as CBFC chief. Vidya Balan also joins the board

After a controversy-filled tenure as the chairmen of the Central Board of Film Certification, Pahlaj Nihalani has finally been shown the door.

Nihalani is being replaced with renowned Bollywood lyricist Prasoon Joshi, who will take office as the chief of the certification body, while national award winning actress Vidya Balan would also be joining the board as a member.

Pahlaj's colleagues were apparently not happy with his ways at work, stating he started treating the board as his personal "fiefdom."

Previously, several Bollywood filmmakers and producers had also come forward alleging Nihalani of imposing his own orthodox and irrational ideologies on movies, barring freedom of speech and the expression of art.

Some of his infamous rebuttals to not certifying films included disregarding a movie like "Lipstick Under My Burqa" for being too "lady-oriented" as it dealt with the subject of female sexuality, or refusing to certify 'Udta Punjab' as it dealt with the subject of the drug-infested state of affairs in Punjab.

Between these, Nihalani has objected to basically everything that doesn't please his own eyes or ears - whether it's a mild on-screen kiss, an exchange of curse words in a realistic drama or the usage of the word "sexual intercourse."

With Joshi and Balan joining in the board - we expect things to move back to a more stable place now.

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