Gordon Ramsay roasts Priyanka Chopra's food, "It looks like a dog's dinner"

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Instagram/priyankachopra
Legendary Chef Gordon Ramsay is known for roasting people for their bad culinary skills.

The famed British celebrity chef has hosted a number of shows on television, in which he shows a no-hold-barred critique and a dramatic outburst of anger when he sees things go wrong in the kitchen or on the platter.

Gordon, has recently taken his sharp, witty yet massively stingy opinions online, where he constantly sends out his assessment of food cooked by other people - after they send him the pictures.

So, when TV host Andy Cohen called him on 'Watch What Happens Live', there was bound to be a special segment of him putting his skills to work.

Cohen displayed pictures of food cooked by various celebrities and asked Ramsay to make a quick comment on the same, after which he revealed the celeb's name. As usual, Ramsay didn't disappoint in roasting all the visually disastrous meals wholeheartedly.

When it came to Chopra's home-made 'Khichdi' and 'Chicken Soup', Gordon clearly didn't like the way it looked.

"I mean, it looks like a dog's dinner," Ramsay said, before Chopra's image popped up.

Welp!! Wonder what Piggy Chops has to say about that!

Check out the complete segment with Andy Cohen below:


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