Kiran Bedi takes a scooty ride at night for a security check in the city, finds it 'reasonably safe'

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Kiran Bedi is one woman who believes more in action than in words.

The Puducherry Lieutenant Governor, recently went out for a security check in the city to see how safe it was for women to venture out in the night.

Taking a ride in the back of a scooty, Ms Bedi went to several places across the city and analyzed that it was relatively safe.

"Found Puducherry reasonably safe at night. But will be improved," Bedi wrote in a Twitter post. "Also urge people to connect with PCR,100/ & inform their concerns."

She also shared a video clip of her ride across various corners of the city:

However many people did point out why she was not wearing a helmet, stating that the rules shouldn't bend for her just because she's the LG - Bedi rebutted by saying that not wearing one was a deliberate choice to assess the situation of woman's safety. "Not wearing helmet was a careful choice. Both wanted to appear vulnerable & wanted to see how we women driving a scooty at nite r looked at," Bedi Tweeted.

Do you like Kiran Bedi's intitiative to check for women's safety during the dark hours?

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