"Kyu Bawal kar rahe ho?": Shilpa Shetty talks about the 'Crying Girl' video. Supports the mother.

Source: Screengrab of video shared by virat kohli/Instagram/virat.kohli/Wikimedia Commons
After a viral video of a girl being screamed at and slapped while being taught maths, sparked nationwide debate on the subject of raising your voice and hands on little kids, several celebs came out and expressed their outraged - most of whom criticized the mother of the child for her harsh ways of teaching.

The video which was originally shared by cricketer, Virat Kohli on his Instagram page has been circulating on all media platforms - with the family of the child receiving severe backlash for their harsh treatment of the child.

Now Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has also layed her views on the controversial issue during a recent Q&A.

Shilpa. who's a mother herself, though found the video very painful - still insisted that how a mother should raise her child isn't our area to judge.

“I saw the video and I was very pained to see it as a mother," Shetty said. "But then only a mother can understand what is best for her child. No one else has the right to say how a mother should bring up or raise her child.”

Shetty did further state that she will never do the same with her own child.

“It is not really my thing to say whether what happened with that child was good or bad. As a parent, I will never do that to my own child."

Watch her brief comment on the issue below:

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